ZT Tosha Art

A selection of my recent works

The exhibition includes painting and digital art.


All of ZT Tosha’s paintings are made in a multi-step process of representation. He starts with a blank canvas, adding gray aerial perspective, while constantly rotating the canvas. Then he pours or splashes paint directly from their tubes onto a horizontal surface (drip technique), enabling him to view and paint his canvases from all angles. Taking his color palette from the scene that he sees at that moment, he paints to replicate the look of the original scene. His hallmark “blur” is sometimes achieved with a hard smear made by an aggressive pull with a squeegee.

ZT Tosha Story

ZT Tosha

Gallery owner

ZT Tosha: “I don’t create blurs. I blur things to make everything equally important and unimportant. So they don’t look particularly artistic or craftsmanlike. My behavior is determined by the situation and not by some internal traits. I do what is expedient at the moment, I respond to the moment and not based on a collection of traits. It is evident that the development of new means of communication is changing our sense of reality. The media make narratives of memory and identity into dominant and meaningful representations of reality.”